Governor Nixon Signs Concussion Awareness Bill

Gov. Nixon signed HB 300 this week, a bill which creates new standards to protect high school athletes from the effects of concussions. I sponsored a nearly identical bill that was rolled into this one, and am pleased that we’ve done work to increase safety in Missouri high school sports. The bill requires that students and parents be given information about the impact of concussions on student health. Just as importantly, it requires that student athletes who have suffered a head injury must be removed from play, and cannot return until they have seen a medical professional who has given them the go-ahead to return to action. As my co-sponsor Chuck Gatschenberger said often, “When it doubt, sit em out.” No game is worth risking the long-term health of a Missouri student-athlete, and this bill will help ensure greater protections for them.

To top it off, the NewsTribune offered its positive opinion on the bill this morning.