Endorsed by the NewsTribune

Pleased to report that the Jefferson City News Tribune endorsed my campaign for re-election this morning – as well as those of fellow Cole County Reps. Mike Bernskoetter and Jeannie Riddle. 

All have worked diligently and amassed admirable records, particularly with regard to the welfare of state employees, improving economic development and supporting expansion at the Callaway Nuclear Plant. 

Barnes was among the leading backers of a state employee pay raise of 2 percent, which exceeded the governor’s recommendation. 

As chairman of the House Committee on Government Oversight and Accountability, he has been instrumental in scrutinizing state tax credits, including investigating the state’s role in the failed Mamtek project.

He also has been a supporter of bringing small, modular nuclear reactors to the Callaway Nuclear Plant site…. 

Based on their accomplishments and efforts during their first terms, Barnes, Bernskoetter and Riddle deserve to be re-elected on Tuesday.