On Way to Judges Conference – More Successes from Session

While prepping for a brief panel discussion today at the Missouri Municipal and Associate Circuit Judges conference, I remembered a few legislative successes that I didn’t include in yesterday’s list:

  • Better sentencing and parole guidelines providing for quick and certain punishment of people who violate the terms of their probation and parole. HB1525 will likely lead to lower rates of recidivism by allowing for nearly immediate jail when offenders violate terms of their probation and parole. It was passed unanimously in the House (151-0) and by a vote of 24-3 in the Senate.
  • Improved ignition interlock requirements in SB480 will require the use of ignition interlocks for certain DWI offenders – and, in some limited cases, allow for driving privileges if the person puts an interlock in their car. This provision was supported by Mothers Against Drunk Driving. Similar provisions adopted in other states have led to a 52 percent decline in drunk driving deaths.