Committee Assignments

Committee assignments were handed out today. I’m pleased to announce I’ve been named to the following committees:

1. Government Accountability – I have been named chairman of the committee on Government Accountability. This committee was originally created to investigate Mamtek. We have also looked into state contracting and failures by some departments to carry out responsibilities. This committee will continue looking for ways to find and eliminate inefficient, irresponsible, or unaccountable government spending and programs. The committee’s major emphasis this year will be investigating the efficacy of certain tax credits.

2. Education – I have been named the vice-chair of the committee on Elementary and Secondary Education. In this role I will work to ensure every child in our state has the opportunity for a great education – regardless of where they’re born or how much money their parents have. 

3. Appropriations – General Administration - The appropriations committee for general administration oversees the budgets of statewide elected officials and state employee benefits. Just as I have the previous two years, I will use my position on this committee to protect state employee benefits to the best of my ability and to make sure elected officials are living by the same budget constraints as other state employees.

4. Urban Issues – As the “gentleman from urban Cole” now, I’ve been appointed to the committee on urban issues. This committee is new to me. I’m looking forward to learning more about the bills before it in the weeks and months to come.