Update on Potential Gun Bill Conflicts – Thinking Out Loud

You learn something new everyday. Regarding my earlier post comparing HB 436 and SB 75, §21.250 declares that veto overrides “shall become effective thirty days after approval by constitutional majorities in both houses of the general assembly.”

As a result, not only would a judge have to pretend we have a legislative time machine, they’d also have to ignore the plain language of §21.250 

To not un-do SB 75 then would require a “these words have no meaning” ruling discussed in the earlier post in which a judge declares that words in bills don’t count unless they’re bold, underlined, or bracketed.

As with before, I’m still open to other theories.


Interesting reaction. “A court’s going to bend over backward on this one to get to the intent – even with the problems identified,” says one lawyer. My response, “Yes, that very well could be right.”