Requesting Tax Subsidy Transparency for Taxpayers from Gov. Nixon

Now that the bidding for Boeing is complete, I have requested that the Nixon administration release the offer it made to Boeing to the public. Here’s the text of the letter: 

Director Mike Downing

Missouri Department of Economic Development

301 W. High Street

P.O. Box 1157

Jefferson City, MO 65102

Dear Director Downing:

On Friday, the Boeing machinists’ union in Seattle ratified a contract which guarantees the 777x jet will be built in the Seattle-area and not one of the 22 other areas which offered incentives for Boeing to move production.  This effectively ends Missouri’s courting of Boeing through the subsidy package authorized in the recent special session.

With the conclusion of the Boeing bidding process, I write today to request all documents related to the subsidy package offered to Boeing by the state of Missouri either through the Department of Economic Development (or directly through the governor’s office). I understood the need for secrecy during the pendency of the bidding process. Now that the process is over, however, I believe Missouri taxpayers deserve to know the full details of the offer made to Boeing on their behalf.

Given the speed with which Gov. Nixon’s offer to Boeing was compiled, I’m confident you will proceed with the same sense of urgency to ensure public accountability and openness on the backend of the bidding process. I believe it reasonable to assume that the documents evincing the Department’s subsidy offer to Boeing could be provided to my office and, by extension, Missouri taxpayers, by Friday, January 10. If there is a problem with this timeline, please let me know. I look forward to hearing your response.


Rep. Jay Barnes

cc. Jason Zamkus, Office of Gov. Jay Nixon