No Politician Pay Raises or Funds for RSA

Last week, I pledged to offer an amendment rejecting politician pay raises that Gov. Nixon recommended in the state budget. On Monday, the House Appropriations Committee for General Administration adopted those changes. We eliminated Gov. Nixon’s proposed raises for politicians and staff for state-wide office holders making more than $100,000 a year. In turn, we took the money saved and put it into the budget line for state employee health care.

The Committee also accepted an amendment from Chairman Robert Ross that zeroed out funding for the bonds on the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis. In an earlier hearing, OA Commissioner Doug Nelson predicted the sky might fall if such an action were taken – arguing that Wall Street ratings agency would ding the credit of the state of Missouri if we refused to pay. At the same time, Nelson refused to turn over an alleged letter from bond counsel he previously used to justify Gov. Nixon’s stadium gambit. If Commissioner Nelson was serious about his concerns about the zero line, he must release the document. It’s pretty simple: if it says what he claims, there’s no reason not to release the document. My suspicion is that it doesn’t say exactly what he and Gov. Nixon have claimed. There’s one easy way to prove me wrong.

Meanwhile, I believe the legislature would be improperly abdicating its oversight and budgetary duties if the stadium funding is returned to the budget without three things happening: (1) Commissioner Nelson must release the letter from bond counsel. (2) The legislature must find an entity of state government that we can trust won’t try to use the money as the first payment for a new thirty-year bond indebting two more generations of Missourians for a palace for billionaires. And (3) the legislature must find appropriate limiting language to place on any appropriation to “trust but verify” that the trust-worthy entity will comply with the budget. I believe State Treasurer Client Zwiefel is the trust-worthy person to whom any stadium funding should be appropriated.