Why I Won’t Be Standing in Line This Morning

Filing for this year’s elections begins this morning, but I won’t be among those candidates waiting in line for hours to get their names first on the ballot. This year, I’m choosing to voluntarily forego my chance at an electoral boost.*

While others are standing in line, I’ll be dropping our oldest off at school like I do every school day and then replacing mom’s job of dropping the younger ones at preschool. Then, I have more important things to do this morning than stand in line.

I’ll be trading the chance to be the top name on the ballot for changing dirty diapers at home with Jane and our newborn.

On Saturday night around 10:30, one precious little Rosemary Elizabeth Barnes was born. Rosie weighs nearly nine pounds and measures just over 20 inches long. She likes her sleep and sometimes sounds like a bleating sheep. Her mother, father, brother, sisters, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins are all as smitten as can be.

After some trying but wonderful time of bleating like a sheep on dad’s shoulder Sunday night (while mom caught up on sleep), she finally called it a night, and slept six hours!

To those who have sent texts, emails, or notes, thank you. We are wonderfully blessed to have four happy, healthy children and to live in a community with great support from family and friends. It’s going to be a sweet and slow week in our house with as little technology and distractions as possible.

The Secretary of State’s Office will still be taking applications next week. I’ll secure a spot on the ballot then.