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Obama Heeds the Advice of the Mo House

On Tuesday, the Missouri House passed HCR 37, a resolution I sponsored calling on Congress and the President to encourage further utilization of North American energy sources – including completing the Keystone XL pipeline.

On Wednesday, President Obama announced he was expediting the process of approving Keystone XL’s southern leg.

Connection? Why not?

Mo House Endorses American Oil and the Keystone Pipeline

I’m pleased to report the House passed HCR 37 by voice-vote this morning, a resolution I sponsored calling on Congress and the President to support continued oil exploration in the United States and Canada and the Keystone XL Pipeline. I’d rather get my oil from Canadian Mounties and the Bakken Reserve in Montana and the Dakotas than from Middle Eastern despots. American energy exploration is good for national security and both short and long-term job creation. 

How Wall St is Stopping Missouri from Long-Term Clean Affordable Energy

Why Noranda’s Wall Street Minders Oppose Long-Term Affordable Clean Energy for Missouri

On KWOS last week I was asked why Noranda Aluminum Company is so opposed to a new nuclear plant in mid-Missouri. My answer is linked above. In short, their opposition (and the opposition of their big business coalition members) is driven by short-term profit seeking to keep up with the demands of the quarter-to-quarter mindset on Wall Street that helped push our nation into our current economic malaise.