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Bob Priddy’s Tribute to Jim Mulvaney

I love Bob Priddy’s blog. Today’s post is a tribute to former state Rep. Jim Mulvaney, who I never met, but from Priddy’s tribute, I would have liked. 

Hayek v. Keynes – “Fear the Boom and Bust” Rap

True Heroes: Mid-Missourians Receive Legion of Honor

I was honored to witness three Mid-Missourians receiving the Legion of Honor: Lloyd Cain, Frank Crooks and Francis “Bud” Jones. All three served nobly in World War II – and their bravery and public service makes anything we do in the state capitol pale in comparison. Also, I learned that Bud Jones not only worked with my grandmother at the Highway Patrol, but also was in the same class as her at Fatima High School many years ago.

Stream-bank Erosion on the Maries River

These pictures are from today’s float trip on the Maries River. The gondolier in the front is Rep. Bill Reiboldt from Neosho. We had a great time. And thanks to the presentation by Rep. Tom Loehner, learned a lot about stream-bank erosion issues and the problems of land-owners on the Maries River.

Debating the Facebook Fix

Maybe I Should Have Turned Down the Third Cup of Coffee

Unconstitutional Balls of Wax

I heard from a lot of people this weekend about my quote in this AP article on the Facebook fix. Here’s the quote:

The only two House members to vote against the repeal Friday were Republican Jay Barnes of Jefferson City and Democrat Mike Colona of St. Louis. Both are attorneys. And both suggested that local school districts could end up adopting policies that still infringe on free speech, essentially multiplying the lawsuits that could be filed.

“We just traded one big unconstitutional ball of wax for 529 little balls of wax,” Barnes said.

Governor Nixon has not stated whether he’s going to sign the bill or not.