Jay on the Issues

Pro-Life - Jay is 100 percent pro-life, and has helped pass legislation re-instituting the ban on partial birth abortions in Missouri. In addition, he passed legislation which would protect the rights of conscience for Missourians morally opposed to abortion. Under Jay’s amendment, every health insurer in the state would have to inform their customers whether their own individual or company’s policy covers elective abortions. If the policy does, pro-life Missourians would have the right to opt-out – ensuring their premium dollars do not pay for someone else’s elective abortion. Unfortunately, Governor Jay Nixon vetoed Jay’s legislation, but the legislature will attempt in override in September. (Jay’s opponent in the 2012 election has been a board member of radical pro-abortion groups and donated money to abortion-on-demand politicians like Dennis Kucinich.)

State Employees - As a former state employee himself and someone with several family members who currently work for the state, Jay understands that Missouri state employees are underpaid. In 2012 Jay was a driving force behind securing the first pay raise for state employees in 4 years. Though Governor Nixon only requested a one-percent pay increase for state employees, Jay fought hard in the budget process to double it for all employees making less than $70,000 per year – resulting in increased wages of $15 million in Cole County.  Jay also sponsored HJR 4 in 2011 which would prohibit pay or per diem increases for elected officials unless state employees received a raise in the same year.

JCCC Prison Re-Development - Jay supports re-development of the old Jefferson City Correctional Center in downtown Jefferson City. He believes it is a once-in-a-century opportunity for new development downtown. In 2011, Jay secured $800,000 for much-needed maintenance – but saw his and Jefferson City’s efforts and revitalization thwarted by a gubernatorial veto. Together with Senator Mike Kehoe, the Jefferson City Chamber of Commerce, and some local officials, Jay remains dedicated to working with the Office of Administration to make the area a jobs magnet. He’s been encouraged recently by OA that real progress is being made that will eventually give our community significant control over this incredible asset.

Waste, Fraud, and Abuse - As chairman of the House Committee on Government Oversight and Accountability, Jay led an investigation into a failed economic development project in Moberly, Missouri – in the process exposing the fact that the Department of Economic Development did not have adequate safeguards in place to protect the state and local communities from charlatans. Jay sponsored legislation to increase due diligence requirements by the Department of Economic Development. Jay’s legislation passed through the House of Representatives on six different bills, but was stopped in the Senate. Jay plans to propose the bill again every year and has promised to add it as an amendment to every proposed economic development bill until it becomes law. 

Energy – Jay supports the development of a new nuclear plant or new modular nuclear plants in Callaway County. Missourians are lucky to live in a state with the seventh lowest utility bills in the nation – but time is not on our side. Due to new EPA regulations, several coal plants in our state will have to be retro-fitted in coming years and many may have to stop operating. To ensure a prosperous future, we must have an adequate supply of energy. Schools, hospitals, factories, and small businesses don’t run on hope – they require power. In addition, Jay is hopeful that the manufacture of small modular nuclear reactors may make Missouri the center of a new $100 billion industry in the very near future. In the short-term, new energy generation would bring thousands of construction jobs to our area. In the long-term, it would help ensure economic vitality for decades by keeping the energy costs low. 

Taxes - Jay has taken the Taxpayer Protection Pledge and kept by it. Times of economic turmoil are the worst times for tax increases. Instead, Jay has worked to reduce the tax burden for small business owners by voting for a tax credit for small business owners who create new jobs. 

Employment Discrimination - Jay believes discrimination is morally wrong and supports Missouri’s current zero-tolerance policy towards racial, religious, or gender discrimination in the workplace. He believes in Dr. King’s dream of a society where people are judged by the content of their character and not the color of their skin, their gender, or their religion. As such, he voted against every effort made to weaken Missouri’s discrimination laws. For his fortitude in standing up for equality, Jay was given an award by the Jefferson City chapter of the NAACP.